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    Hello! 👋🏻

    I’m a home cook based in Brooklyn. Kelley Cooks is a hobby project that combines some of my favorite things: cooking, teaching, writing, and creating. I share my everyday cooking which is mostly practical, sometimes project-y, usually savory, and often vegetarian.

    I call this my over-engineered cooking journal and that means you might find some incomplete recipes or notes to my future self (on the bright side, it’s ad free). I built the site from scratch so let me know if you run into any issues, it’s probably my fault and that’s ok!

    If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, slide into those DMs or send me a message — I’m always delighted to hear from people and really appreciate you for being here.


    If you have the means, recurring donations can help address food insecurity and support the people putting food on our tables:


    Cooking, inspiration:

    One of the most common questions I get is “where do you find recipes?” Newletters and other feeds that suggest recipes are a great place to get inspiration. Some of my favorites sources of inspiration include:

    • Eat Voraciously newsletter - often vegetarian and always includes tons of substitution suggestions.
    • The Veggie newsletter - offers vegetarian recipes from NYT Cooking (the general cooking newsletter is good too).
    • YouTube - channels like Food52 and Kenji’s are great.
    • Join a CSA - it takes some of the thinking out of the equation when you have ingredients chosen for you. Google “CSA <where you live>” to see what your options are.
    • Instagram - see some of my favorite follows below.

    Here are my go-to sources when I’m like “I want to make X or something like it and need a recipe”. These are sources/people whose recipes I’ve tried enough times to trust they probably know what they’re talking about.

    Cooking, general:

    *NYT Cooking requires a subscription.

    Baking, general:

    Baking, sourdough:


    Two of my favorite food podcasts:

    The Sporkful (link) Dan Pashman and his editorial team “obsess about food to learn more about people”. The podcast covers a wide range of topics including the art of recipe writing to MSG to the Cambodian donut king of LA. The topics range from serious to silly but are all thoughtfully produced and worth your time.

    Home Cooking (link) When you combine Samin Nosrat’s expert advice and joy for cooking with Hrishikesh Hirway’s soothing voice and painfully clever puns, there’s no way this podcast couldn’t be magical. It ended its short but lovely run in 2020 (but released bonus episodes in April and November 2021, so I’m optimistic there will be more sporadic episodes!), but I recommend listening to the backlog anyway.


    Some of my favorite cooking inspiration and education:

    Holly Haines AKA @itsholly (instagram) Holly is a delight - I love how she experiments with a lot of recipes - most things start with “I just wanna see something”. She’s also encouraged me to measure vanilla with my heart.

    Bettina Makalintal (instagram | twitter) Bettina is a food writer and my favorite TikTok cook. She has a lot of insightful takes on food media and her vegetarian versions of Filipino classics have me salivating most days.

    Hetty McKinnon (instagram) Hetty has a wide variety of easy, healthy, and comforting recipes with great flavors that draw from a lot of different cuisines.

    Angela Davis AKA @thekitchenista (instagram) Everything Angela makes looks absolutely delectable, and though she now works as a professional cook and recipe developer, a lot of her recipes are designed for a home cook and Just Work™. Two of my favorites include her skillet roasted brussels sprouts and sausage and her southern greens.

    Nancy Birtwhistle (instagram) Nancy won the Great British Bake Off in 2014 and is a pure joy to follow. She of course shares a lot of British baking but my favorite thing about following Nancy is learning her eco-friendly cleaning tricks like this green bleach.

    Shaquay (instagram) Shaquay is a private chef and shares the meals she’s cooking for her clients, featuring a lot of seasonal produce (we’re in the same region so that helps) and an aspirational level of complexity and finesse.

    Charles Hunter III AKA The Salted Table (twitter | instagram) Another private chef who shares a lot of the things he’s making for clients. Everything makes me think “yes. I want that.”

    Priya Krishna (instagram | twitter) Priya is a wonderful recipe developer and food writer who uses her platform to advocate for good causes and elevate underrepresented voices. I also love when she documents one of her partner Seth’s elaborate baking projects.

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